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Peepers Patient Testimonials


At Peepers, we care what you have to say about your eyecare experience.  You speak, we listen.  Please fill out a customer satisfaction survey here:


Customer Satisfcation Survey


Meanwhile, here are a few testimonials from our clients:

Nice & Efficient.

"The staff at peepers was very nice and efficient, and I can see very well. The location was convenient, office was clean, kid friendly, and there was a large selection of frames."

                                                                   - Lisa K.

I love Peepers!

"I love peepers! Great service and the nicest of personnel. Thank you Peepers."

                               - Steven J.


"I just wanted to say thank you for your special help with my glasses. They are fabulous!  You didn't have to go to that extra effort and I was amazed that you were willing to do so.  The new lenses are working out great and I couldn't be more appreciative. Thank you so much!"

                                                              - Marilyn H.


Peepers Lover!

"I have been a Peeper’s lover for over 20 years!!!!  The source of my long-term commitment to Dr. Gray and the Peepers’ staff goes beyond the typical buzz words of quality, value and convenience.  It’s the “PERSONAL” care I receive each time I visit for an examination or ask for eye care advice.   Year after year, Peepers has provided me with the latest technological advancements in eye care, which for me, is a requirement for a quality eye care specialist."  

                                          - Chuck K.


"Peepers has amazing hours, extraordinary customer service; I loved the honesty about what looks good on me, and it was truly a pleasure to be in the office."

                                                         - Ryan C.

Pleasing & Professional.

"Pleasing personality of staff, efficiency, and professionalism. Very convenient location, and lenses were very clear."

                                                            - Colleen H.

Life Changing

"Thank you again for the life changing experience to you and your staff." 

                    - Casey H.

Excited to See!

"I can't describe in words how excited I am to be able to see again thanks to Peepers Family Eyecare."

                                                          - Josh H.

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